Pet-Friendly Landscaping Ideas


A happy home is one that everyone in the family can enjoy, even your family pets. When doing landscaping work around your house, keep in mind how to make your yard a paradise for your cat or dog. Here are some pet friendly ideas for your garden, patio, and yard. If you want more design help, contact a professional in landscaping design in Cumming, GA.


An enclosed fence is a must for pet owners. A well-made fence will keep your pet safe from wandering too far from home, and will also keep unwanted animals out. As long as the fence is tall and sturdy enough, it can be made out of any material that will match the design and feel of your landscape.

Play Area

No matter if you have a cat, a dog, or a rabbit, having a place for them to get exercise will keep your pet healthy and entertained. Getting a good workout will tire your pet out, keep them from boredom, and make sure they sleep better at night. An area of grass, woodchips, mulch, or another material that is as large as possible will provide a great place for you and your pet to run around, chase things, or play games.


While your pet is happily running around your yard, they’re bound to get thirsty. Including fresh water in your landscape can be both refreshing and beautiful. Consider adding a flowing fountain, a calming stream, or a small pond.


Like humans, pets like their shade on a hot and sunny day. Adding adequate amount of shade will be enjoyable for everyone who will be in the yard. Large trees, overhead tarps, umbrellas, or cloths are all options for shade.

Safe Plants

Surprisingly, some popular plants are toxic to certain pets. To name just a few, azaleas, daffodils, oleander and tulips are all unsafe if consumed by cats or dogs.  When introducing a new plant into your landscape, make sure to check that it will not be poisonous for your pet.


Spraying your plants with chemicals to keep bugs and pests away can be poisonous for your pets. Even certain types of common garden products, like cocoa mulch, can be unsafe for dogs. Try using more natural products that will be safe if consumed, and if you must use any potentially harmful chemicals, put them in an area where your pet cannot get.

Your yard is full of potential, and no matter if you’re doing patio design or garden design in Cumming, GA, you can easily make any space pet-friendly.