5 Tips for Designing Your Water Garden

Water Garden

Want to be that “it” house on the block and increase your curb appeal? A water garden is an excellent way to add personality, value, and character to your house.

Here are five tips for designing a beautiful and functional water garden:

1. Complement Your Home’s Style

If your home has classic lines and symmetrical windows, opt for a more formal water feature. If your home is more modern and edgy, you can experiment with asymmetrical shapes and unusual plants.

Your garden matching your home makes for a stunning pair—the two will complement each other and add to your overall space.

2. Look For Plants that Thrive in Your Natural Climate

Oftentimes, plant owners make the mistake of looking for plants that they think would look nice, without thinking about their local climate. Look for plants that can thrive in the environment you live in and cannot survive a colder winter season.

Some plants require more water or sunlight than others, and some may not be able to survive in your particular climate. Knowing which plants will work best for you can save you time and energy down the line when creating your water feature. And you’ll have the luxury of watching them thrive after implementing this stip.

3. Be Mindful of Sun Exposure

When you’re deciding where to place your water feature, consider the amount of sunlight it will be receiving. Different plants require different amounts of sun exposure and you need to make sure that each plant can get what it needs for them to grow healthy and strong.

Other plants require less sunlight and make it through with small amounts of sun exposure. This also means their leaves can burn in direct sunlight, so try to avoid placing them in an area with constant sun exposure.

4. Think About the Electricity and Water Needed

Electricity and water are key components of any water garden. You’ll need electricity to power pumps, lights, and other features that you may want to include in your design. On top of that, make sure you plan for adequate access to water for keeping your plants healthy and green.

5. Complement the Size of Your Yard

When designing a water feature, make sure to consider the size of your yard. Too many large plants and features can take away from the aesthetic appeal, while too few may not be enough to create the desired look. Find a good balance between the two by selecting plants that will work with the size of your yard.

Then boom, curb appeal, and a beautiful, functional water garden!

Let Stoeckig Landscaping Deliver Your Dream Water Garden

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