water gardens

Water features are a wonderful accent to any outdoor space. So many things about water bring beauty to a garden space and make it a perfect addition to a backyard landscape. For one thing, water has lovely reflective qualities. Ponds, bird baths, and water gardens reflect the sky and the plants around them. Water features draw the eye and invite visitors to shut out the world and simply gaze. Water also has a soothing sound that can provide almost instant relaxation. Additionally, water attracts wildlife. Birds, insects, and other living things are drawn to water. Including a water feature in your garden design will bring you and your family endless hours of enjoyment.

Adding a water feature takes careful planning and design. Our landscape designers are experts in water features. The following are just a few of the important considerations to address when constructing a water feature:

  • Location: Placing your water feature in the right spot is the difference between success and a big mess. Stay away from the low spot in your yard so that your pond doesn’t fill with runoff. Avoid the drip line of trees to make it easier to keep the water free from falling leaves and needles. Most importantly, put your water feature where you can enjoy it.
  • Circulation: The water in your water feature needs to circulate. Regular circulation aerates the water, keeps plants and fish healthy, and keeps the water from freezing solid in winter. The right pump for the size of your pond will do the trick nicely.
  • Life: You can add plants and even fish to your water feature. Our experts will help you choose varieties that are appropriate for your surroundings to ensure long life and success.

At Stoeckig Landscape Group, we believe every yard and every budget has room for a water feature. Once you hear the soothing sounds and see the beauty and interest they add, we think you’ll agree. if you live in the AlpharettaRoswellDaculaCummingSuwanee, and Johns Creek, GA, areas, call us today to put us to work designing a water feature for your backyard oasis!

Water Gardens
Water Gardens