Residential Landscaping

With Almost 20 Years Experience in Landscaping, We Can Help. 

Nothing is more beautiful than landscaping done with natural stone. Stone is unrivaled in its beauty and value. At Stoeckig Landscape Group, we love to create beautiful backyards with natural stone landscaping. 

6 reasons why stone is a fabulous choice for backyard landscape designs:

    1. Beauty— Nothing looks better than real stone. Each stone is as unique as you are. The colors and textures are impossible to replicate. Real stone creates a backyard landscape that connects seamlessly to the environment.
    2. Resilience— It’s hard to imagine a material that has more resilience than stone. It’s no exaggeration to say that natural stone has stood the test of time. While a chip or scratch in concrete or other synthetic material reveals raw materials underneath the surface, a chip or scratch in stone just reveals more stone. Other materials may rot or crumble, but stone endures.
    3. Responsibility— Stone is completely natural. It’s more sustainable and more friendly to the environment than any other similar landscape material. And, because it’s always stone, it’s infinitely recyclable; it’s easy to reclaim and to use stone in other applications.
    4. Versatility— There’s a stone to fit every style, from modern to classic and everything in between. Mother Nature makes stone in different colors, shapes, and textures. Our craftsman can use stone to create exactly what you want.
    5. Ease— Stone is easy to own. It requires little to no maintenance to keep it looking its best. Regulating hosing off and paying prompt attention to stains is all you need to do to keep your stone looking great.
    6. Value— Dollar for dollar, stone is the best value of any landscaping material. Stone is an investment that will stand the test of time. While your upfront costs will be higher, stone really won’t require any more money from you down the road. It won’t need sealing, replacing, refinishing, or repainting and it will never look dated or go out of style. Stone will look amazing and add value to your property year in and year out.

The landscape designers at Stoeckig Landscape Group love to work with stone. We have created stunning landscapes using stone throughout the Dacula and the surrounding areas. Call us today to get started creating the backyard of your dreams!