An Overview of Cascading Waterfalls


Waterfalls make for striking focal points in backyards of all shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for a unique feature to add to your landscaping, a cascading waterfall just might be exactly what you need. However, as with all landscape design, you need a plan. Follow these tips as you plan for your cascading water feature:

  • Location: Choose a location that’s not too far from an electrical outlet because the pump will need to be plugged in. Also, choose a location that gets a lot of sun, so you have many plant choices. Often, people want to plant lush tropical plant varieties that need a lot of sun near their waterfall.
  • Style: There are two kinds of waterfalls to choose from, formal and informal. Most people choose informal waterfalls because they appear natural and part of the landscape. Formal waterfalls are built to look like staircases.
  • Scale: For the most beautiful aesthetic, don’t go overboard with your waterfall design. Going too big can appear garish. Likewise, you don’t want to go too small and end up with a water feature that misses the mark.
  • Design: Work with professional landscape designers to ensure your waterfall is the right style and scaled properly for your home.

Cascading waterfalls create beautiful backyard settings but need to be installed by landscape professionals who understand the unique installation needs of these water features. For professional landscape services in Atlanta and surrounding communities, contact Stoeckig Landscape Group. We are a landscape company specializing in residential landscaping services including waterfall installation. It’s our goal to take your idea of how you envision your backyard to look and feel and make it a reality. In addition to water features, we also offer hardscaping services, garden creation, and design services. To schedule a consultation with one of our outstanding landscape specialists, contact Stoeckig Landscape Group at (770) 831-1790.