Backyard Bliss: Types of Waterfalls For Your Outdoor Space

Water Garden

Are you considering a waterfall for your backyard, but unsure where to start? We’ve got you covered. The right waterfall for backyards can be a beautiful and versatile addition to any outdoor space, providing both visual appeal and soothing background sound. But first, you need to decide which type best suits your backyard needs!

7 Trending Waterfalls For Backyards

Backyard waterfalls range in size, style, and materials. Here are seven trending options to consider adding to your outdoor space:

1. Resin Rock Waterfall

Made from lightweight and durable resin, this waterfall mimics natural rock formations without the hassle of heavy lifting or maintenance. They’re also customizable in size and design, making them a great option for any backyard space.

2. Arroyo Fountain

This unique waterfall option features a rugged stone or cement bowl with a small spout in the center that trickles water into the basin. It’s perfect for smaller backyards or as an accent piece amidst larger water features.

3. Pondless Waterfall

Ideal for those with limited space, the pondless waterfall for backyards is a compact and self-contained system that recirculates water without a visible pond. Usually, the water falls onto small pebbles and is pumped back up to the top, making it seamless to maintain.

4. Rain Curtains

Consider a rain curtain waterfall for your backyard to add a sleek, modern touch. These minimalist features consist of a continuous sheet of water that creates a vertical wall. They can be easily adjusted for different heights and widths and can make quite a statement when paired with lighting.

5. Cascading Water Wall Feature

Similar to a rain curtain, cascading water walls create a dramatic display of flowing water on a vertical surface—so while a rain curtain is a “wall” of water, this feature pours water down the surface of an actual wall. Think of it as a waterfall painting! They can be made from many different materials, including stone, glass, or copper, and are customized to fit your backyard space.

6. Grotto Waterfall

A grotto waterfall adds a natural and tropical feel. This type of waterfall for backyards is created by surrounding a small pool with large rocks, boulders, and a water garden, creating a secluded cave-like area for water to flow into. It’s perfect for hot summer days when you need shade and the soothing sound of falling water.

7. Vintage Faucet Waterfall

A unique and rustic waterfall incorporates an old-fashioned faucet and wood bucket. The water flows from the spout into the bucket, then tips into a basin or pond, creating a charming and unexpected feature.

Each of these seven waterfalls adds a distinct style and ambiance to your outdoor space. But don’t be afraid to get creative and combine different elements for a truly personalized waterfall!

Stoeckig Can Make Your Dream Waterfall a Reality

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