Backyard Improvement Trends for 2018


Creating an inviting backyard space is something more and more homeowners aim to achieve. This trend in backyard landscaping continues to grow in popularity with backyard spaces becoming more and more over the top. If you’re looking for ideas to make your backyard stand out, check out these backyard improvement trends for 2018.

  • Low-maintenance sustainable gardens: Stop fighting Mother Nature and add plants to your landscaping that thrive in your zone, including drought-tolerant plants.
  • Backyard arbors: An arbor provides structure and shade to your backyard. When made from quality materials, arbors are sturdy, long-lasting, and create usable outdoor living areas.
  • Water features: Most people aren’t lucky enough to have a rippling stream in their backyards, but water creates a calming effect. That’s why more and more homeowners are opting to install water features like fountains and water walls in their backyards.
  • Outdoor entertainment rooms: Want to enjoy the great outdoors and never miss an important game or television show? A major trend in backyard design is outdoor entertainment rooms that incorporate technology into deck and patio design.


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