Build A Low Maintenance Landscape This Spring


Many homeowners assume that a beautiful landscape means putting a lot of work into it all summer long. Fortunately, when you have a good garden design in Alpharetta, you can have a beautiful yard without extensive maintenance requirements. Here are some ways to create a low-maintenance landscape this year that you can enjoy spending time in.

Water-Wise Plants 

One of the easiest ways to beautify your yard without adding more work is to choose water-wise plants that are native to the area. Choosing plants that are drought resistant reduces the amount of watering you have to do, and it makes it easier for these plants to survive conditions when water may not be as readily available. There are many types of grass, shrubs, trees, vines, and ground covers that will thrive in your climate with minimal irrigation.

Irrigation Plan 

Speaking of irrigation, watering can often create more work for you when it’s not planned properly. When the irrigation system is inefficient, it not only results in wasted water, but it allows weeds to grow more abundantly as well. If you don’t currently have an automatic irrigation system, this is one of the first steps of a good landscape plan to consider. Your current system may also need some tweaking if the original design was inefficient. It’s also important to know the right way to water to help vegetation thrive. Make sure your watering schedule is allowing water to seep deep into the ground.


Ground cover and mulch is another way to create a low-maintenance landscape. You can significantly cut down on the weeding by strategically planting flower beds and using weed barriers and mulch to cut down on weed growth. The mulch helps the areas retain moisture so that less watering is required as well. There are numerous types of mulch you can purchase, and you can even make your own mulch.

Reduce Erosion 

Rock gardens with drought-tolerant plants are a great way to spruce up your yard while also preventing erosion. If your landscape has sloped areas, you may want to consider a rock garden with ground cover to prevent erosion. There are also specific plants you can use to fight erosion. Creeping juniper or rock cotoneaster are great choices because they spread and hold back the soil. There are numerous other options to provide different coloring and height options to help you get the look you want. Preventing erosion with these landscaping elements can cut down on mowing needs, but it will also help prevent a lot of work later on from erosion issues.

Add Hardscape Elements

 Adding hardscape in Alpharetta is another way to rejuvenate your yard and cut down on maintenance tasks. Adding hardscape doesn’t mean paving everything over with concrete. You can use concrete, gravel, or pavers. These elements improve the beauty and function of your landscape. Add a fire pit or fireplace to create a natural gathering area, or highlight landscape elements by installing a path that leads to the areas you wish to showcase. Water features are another element that creates a relaxing atmosphere, and they don’t require any additional maintenance. Stone walls can also help prevent erosion, and they provide somewhere to sit and enjoy your yard as well. There are numerous hardscaping elements to consider. Learn how to incorporate some into your garden design by contacting Stoeckig Landscape Group today.