Choosing a Stunning Water Feature for Your Garden


Many homeowners have chosen to include fountains and ponds in their gardens. Adding water features to a garden creates visual interest and a calming effect, but how do you know which is the right type for your space? Check out these tips for selecting beautiful water features that match your garden’s vibe.

  • Purpose: First, determine the purpose of the water feature. Is the purpose to create visual interest in an empty space of your yard? Or, maybe you want to create a meditation garden with a fountain that trickles water for a peaceful atmosphere. Knowing the water feature’s purpose points you in a direction that lets you choose wisely.
  • Space: What space do you have in your yard for the water feature? Certain fountains or other water features may not work well if you have limited space. Work with the space you have and choose water features accordingly to create a gorgeous outdoor area.
  • Plants: Don’t leave your new water feature unadorned. Adding plants gives life to the space. If you don’t have the greenest thumb, choose low-key plants that are easy to care for.
  • Flow: Create a Zen-like atmosphere and add a flowing water feature, such as a waterfall. Moving water features work well in rocky areas, tropical settings, and more!
  • Maintenance: Some water features require more maintenance than others. How much maintenance are you willing to do to keep your fountain, pond, or a bubbling brook looking good 24/7?

Are you ready to install a water feature? Don’t go at it alone. Contact the professionals at Stoeckig Landscape Group to help you choose a water feature that will take your yard from so-so to stunning in a matter of days. Our team of landscape designers want you to have the outdoor space of your dreams. Whether you want to install a small backyard fountain or an expansive water feature such as a waterfall or koi pond, we promise to never overlook even the tiniest detail. Get started planning your home’s water feature today! Schedule a consultation with us to discuss your project. Call us at (770) 831-1790.