Creative Retaining Wall Ideas to Improve Your Landscape


Do you want a beautiful front and backyard? You can’t just rely on plant life. Doing so can result in a plain, boring design, or one that’s cluttered with too many plants. If you really want to make your home look its best, consider hardscaping features, like retaining walls.

While landscaping refers to the living features of your yard, like trees and the lawn, hardscaping refers to solid objects used to decorate and enhance the functional features of a property. Fortunately, landscape contractors can also install hardscaping elements into your yard. These include retaining walls, or small walls made of materials like stone or clay bricks, and that are used to hold back soil and water. They act as partitions, blockades, and also transitions between different terrain levels.

So why should you include retaining walls in your landscaping design? Just refer to these creative ideas. These are some of the most unique and effective ways that retaining walls can enhance any property.

The Multi-Level Yard

If you have a bit of a slope in your backyard, you don’t have to leave the ground untouched. While it may be tempting to allow the hills to roll, natural and unused, this can make all of your yard impractical, save for running or rolling down the hill.

Instead, try installing retaining walls to build into the slope. This will create a multi-level effect. You can build a sunken patio accessible by stairs, or even separate different areas of the yard for various purposes, like play and dining.

Build a Backyard Pond

Water is a necessary element in any design, especially landscaping. Use retaining walls to act as the border around a pond, which you can use to take relaxing walks around the garden, set as a backdrop for entertaining, and more.

A backyard pond will add value to your entire property and is sure to impress your guests. Just leave the installation to a talented team of landscapers, for a long-lasting and stable retaining wall that keeps your pond in place.

Ultra Curb Appeal

If you want to make your home look incredibly impressive from street level—what they call “curb appeal” in the real estate business—then try using a retaining wall. The solid stone or clay bricks used to build the wall can form a solid border around your home, and act as a softer, more elegant-looking transition space from your plain sidewalk. While you may not be able to change the sidewalk, you can build up a retaining wall past the sidewalk’s edge, then raise the slope of the lawn to flow toward the structure of your home gently. Or, build around your mature trees to frame them and emphasize their natural beauty.

The overall look is classic and sophisticated and is sure to draw the eye of welcome guests.

Improving Your Landscape

Overall, the best way to learn how to improve your home landscaping is to contact a professional hardscaping and landscaping installer. Stoeckig Landscape Group is a leader of landscape design in Cumming, GA. Their experience includes visiting properties and meeting with homeowners like you to craft an individual, stunning design that incorporates perfectly into any yard and will bring out the best of your home’s architecture. Visit today to request their services, and you’ll soon have the most beautiful yard in the neighborhood.