Different Types of Landscaping Water Features


Do you want to bring life to your property? Add water features to your landscape. Watch the fish in your pond swim and listen to the splash of frogs jumping into the pond. Hear the sound of a waterfall flowing over rocks, water bubbling up from a fountain, or moving slowly through a stream. You can create your own oasis to escape the pressures of your life.


Choosing the right size pond can be challenging. You don’t want the pond to swallow your yard, but you want it to be large enough to see it. Position the pond so you have a clear view of it from a window or from a deck. Don’t put the pond too close to trees, or you’ll spend a lot of time clearing leaves from it. For the health of the fish and the plant life, position the pond so there’s a balance of sun and shade.

Cumming, GA, landscape designers can enhance the look of your pond. Rocks or boulders can surround the pond. You can add pavers or a patio, as well as plants, like water lilies and algae for aesthetic purposes, and to provide protection for your fish. You’ll want to surround the pond with flowers and plants to give a natural look to the area. Make sure there’s a barrier around the pond so a child doesn’t wander into the water.

A reflective pond can be the centerpiece of your garden. Place walking paths around or over the reflective pond. Place the pond near a structure, a statue, or a floral arrangement that will reflect in the water.

You can place a pond on your patio. Get a large tub or bowl and add some aquatic plants and some fish. Add underwater lighting for a visual effect and a small fountain for a sound effect.


Add a fountain to your landscape design. Fountains come in all shapes and sizes. Choose one that makes a statement, adds to the landscape, or brings a soothing sound. Types of fountains include the following:

  • Freestanding
  • Cascading
  • Self-contained
  • Spouting
  • Wall
  • Greek statue
  • Birdbath


Add the peaceful sound of a waterfall to your yard. Many waterfalls drop into a pond, but you can build a pondless waterfall. Rocks or boulders are often used for waterfalls. Whether it’s a large waterfall added to your pond or a small waterfall added to your garden pond, the waterfall can inject beauty and tranquility into your yard. Brighten your waterfall with underwater lighting.


Add a stream to your property. The stream can flow through your garden or around a pathway. Study the landscape of your property and decide a beginning and ending point for the stream. The stream could end in a pond or over rocks.


You don’t have to choose one water feature. Combine as many as you like. Have your waterfall end in your pond and surround the pond with a stream. Position your fountains to complement a waterfall. The objective is to improve the appearance of your property and get more personal enjoyment out of your surroundings.

Call Stoeckig Landscape Group for professional guidance on adding water features to your property. Explain what you have in mind, and let the professionals figure out how to make it work!