Everything to Know About Water Gardens

Water Garden

Water gardens are beautiful displays in our backyard that create a mini oasis of plant and wildlife for us to enjoy. These bring a lot of life to your outdoor space and are beautiful ways to create a relaxing and enjoyable environment. If you’re looking to add this unique landscaping design to your space, continue reading to learn about everything you need to know about water gardens.

Location and Design

Location and design are two main factors to consider with your water garden. This should be a feature that blends well and complements the rest of your outdoor space as well as your home. Begin by determining the area of your backyard that works best. Maybe you’d like it under a tree or near your patio so you can easily enjoy the views. You’ll want to take into consideration sun exposure, water sources, and area.

Once you’ve found the perfect spot, you can decide how large you’d like your pond to be. This should be enough to accommodate whatever features and plants you want to incorporate. This is also when you should factor in any design considerations such as the shape of the area, water features, etc.

Plants and Wildlife

Keep in mind that your water garden will naturally attract wildlife from dragonflies to frogs. If you’re looking to create a garden of your own, you’ll have to pick out the plants and fish yourself.

When it comes to fish, some species are easier than others. Goldfish are an easy favorite but can become a nuisance if released in the wild. Koi fish are also a popular option especially for larger ponds but they do compete with the native wildlife so should be kept contained to your pond.

While picking out plants, be sure to factor in all the different kinds of plants that are needed. It isn’t a one-size-fits-all. Instead, you’ll want to select a variety of plants from those that grow along the edges like cattails to those that prefer the surface of the pond or the bottom of the pond.

Water Garden Care

Your water garden will require some level of care in order to keep the space looking pristine. This includes removing any spent flowers, yellow or dead foliage, and even grooming overgrown plants. You never want your plants to cover a majority of the water’s surface. This can limit sun exposure and oxygen for the plants and wildlife underneath which can cause them to die out.

Check water levels and add more when needed. When it comes time for the nice weather to come to a close, some people prefer covering the water garden with netting to prevent leaves from getting into the water.

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