Guide to Keeping Your Paver Patio Clean


Paver patios are beautiful, durable solutions for outdoor living. More water-resistant than wood, more chip-resistant than brick, and more attractive than ordinary concrete slabs, pavers in Dacula make every backyard look high-end, not to mention entertainment-ready. But for your paver patio to look its best, you need to maintain it after installation. Here are 4  simple tips to keep your paver patio clean.

1. Weekly Cleaning

Tip number 1, every weekend or so, give your paver patio a mild cleaning. Regular, light maintenance is key to extending the life of your patio. Start by removing all plant matter, including branches, leaves, twigs, and pods. Sweep away grass, mulch, and other debris that can blow from your lawn and onto the patio.

Then, use a mixture of mild dish soap and water to clean off dirt, mud, dust, and other buildup. Pour the mixture across your patio and use an outdoor broom to push the cleanser across the surface. Don’t worry about draining the mixture into your grass; if you use a mild soap, it won’t harm your lawn.

2. Deep Cleaning

Tip number 2, after a party or large gathering, and after a long cold season, perform a deep cleaning to restore your patio to its original glory. First, remove all furniture, decor, and plants from your patio. Then, use a leaf blower to dust the surface. Move any large plant debris that’s too big for the leaf blower to displace.

Clean the surface as usual, taking care to scrub ground-in dirt. Consider adding a second step of washing with a bleach solution to prevent mildew and other signs of paver parasites. Rinse the surface with a water hose, then sweep the surface again to remove standing water. Let it air dry. You’ll be amazed how much brighter, neater, and more stylish your patio paver looks when it’s clean!

Don’t power wash the surface. Power washers rely on intense water pressure that can damage just about all it touches, including tough concrete paver patios.

3. Prevent Stains

Tip number 3, do you want to keep your paver patio looking its best for many years? Clean up food and drink spills right away. You may not be indoors, but that doesn’t mean your stone pavers can handle food-related messes. Bright and acidic foods can actually stain your patio pavers. Remove rust, grease, and other messes right away before they stain.

Also, avoid sliding or shifting heavy furniture, grills, and other objects across the surface. You can create scratches or even crack the pavers. Gently lift and place objects when you want to move them. Remember that an outdoor rug offers added patio protection.

4. Remove Moss

The final tip is that moss is another danger to pavers. It may look charming, but it’s destructive, so remove moss as soon as it appears. This thick, bright green plant matter can burrow into the joint compound between your pavers and deteriorate it. Once you remove the moss or it dies naturally, you’ll be left with unsightly gaps. Left unchecked, moss can even dislodge pavers. Don’t underestimate the power of plant roots. Clean your patio with a simple bleach solution to kill any existing moss. Used as a preventative measure, seasonal cleanings with bleach can even prevent moss growth entirely.

See for yourself how easy it is to maintain a paver patio. They’re easy to clean, easy to install, and repairs are hassle-free. Call Stoeckig Landscape Group today for high-quality patio installation in Dacula.