Hardscaping Trends for 2021


Hardscape refers to the heavier elements in landscape design, such as the patio, stone benches, driveway, and rocks. It may also include sprinkler systems, fountains, and swimming pools. If you’re looking for hardscaping ideas to transform your backyard, you might want to consider checking out the following hardscaping trends for 2021.

Outdoor Kitchens

Gone are the days when people used gas grills for outdoor cooking. Today, homeowners are installing full outdoor kitchens complete with fire pits, gas grills, or fireplaces for cookouts. You can also install an outdoor kitchen in your backyard for year-round entertainment.

Vegetable Gardens

Nothing can be more satisfying than tending to something and watching it thrive. This satisfaction and the need to minimize trips to the grocery store during a pandemic increased the popularity of vegetable gardens in 2020. You can expect more homeowners to adopt this trend in 2021 as they appreciate the benefits of growing their own food.

You can grow a vegetable garden in your front yard, backyard, side yard, or balcony as long as there’s sufficient sun exposure. You can choose from a wide selection of vegetable garden designs and layouts to bring out the best of your landscape.

Natural-Looking Stone Features

Many homeowners are moving away from concrete blocks due to their minimal aesthetic appeal. They’re embracing manufactured stone products that mimic the features of natural stone. The most popular natural-looking stone products in 2021 include:

● Cast Veneer Stone

● Bristol Stone

● Devon Stone

Cast Veneer Stone is ideal for outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, and grills. You can use Bristol Stone on your patio and pool surfaces, thanks to its cool and soft nature. Devon Stone is excellent for walkways and stairs as it has the appearance of limestone or bluestone.

Outdoor Living Spaces

With the COVID-19 pandemic discouraging vacations and holiday gatherings, homeowners had to get creative and transform their backyards into more livable places during extreme temperatures.

Today, homeowners are creating covered outdoor living spaces for year-round entertainment equipped with features like widescreen TVs, pool tables, and a fully stocked bar.

Water Features

Water features are an excellent way to transform your garden into a tranquil retreat. They include ponds, pools, streams, fountains, and artificial waterfalls and have gained popularity in recent years. You can expect more homeowners to incorporate water features into their hardscaping spaces in 2021 and beyond.

Professional Hardscaping Near Me

If you’re looking for hardscaping ideas, these are just a few of the trends to look out for in 2021. These ideas are an excellent way to enhance your backyard’s aesthetic appeal and improve your home’s value.

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