Hottest Landscaping Trends to Try This Summer


Landscape designers in Cumming, GA, are hard at work all year long, creating amazing outdoor appearances for residential and commercial properties. Whether you have a small outdoor space or an expansive backyard, putting some time, effort, and energy into your landscaping can pay off big time. The more care and creativity you put into your landscaping, the more enjoyment you and your family will get from being outside at your own home. Summer is the best season for landscaping, and if you want to take your yard to the next level, then here are a few landscaping trends to try when you hire landscape contractors.

Reinvigorated Lawns

Leaders in landscape design encourage homeowners to prioritize lawn care as part of their overall landscaping plan. Drier winter months can leave your grass looking a bit worse for the rest of the year. Particularly if you live in the suburbs, keeping your lawn well-maintained and watered is important. Trimming the grass and getting it back to a bright, luscious green is something both you and your neighbors can appreciate. Now is also the time to think about fertilizer use, as well as water shortages, droughts, and eco-friendly alternatives. Professional landscapers can point you in the direction of plant grass mixes that don’t require mowing, such as Habiturf. Those prairie-type grasses are becoming quite normal nowadays.


Edible Gardens

Another landscaping trend to think about for this summer is the rise of edible gardens. Why not get fresh fruit and veggies out of your landscaping if you can? Edible gardens make it possible to maximize your outdoor space while being healthy and growing your own food at the same time. You can always try hanging edible gardens if you have adventurous pets or backyard animals that are known to get into things. Hanging fruits and vegetables make your garden a great source of happiness and satisfaction for your entire family. Leading landscapers recommend putting in a bird control for easy and eco-friendly pest management. Your hanging edible garden should stay safe that way for a long time to come. If you’ve never had a garden before, you can start small with a few hanging plants, and then you can move along from there, increasing your lovely landscaping along the way. The more flowers and plants you can incorporate into your landscaping, the brighter and more beautiful your land will be.

Nice Natural Materials

Your outdoor living space can undergo an incredible transformation just by putting in some new additions with an emphasis on natural materials. While ultra-modern landscaping may focus more on minimalistic décor with sharp edges, there’s been a real rise in natural, earthy elements for your yard. You can let your own sense of style and taste shine through in your landscaping, whether it be through your chosen table and chairs for the patio or a bright pop of color on a cute homemade bird feeder. Natural materials like wood, straw, and stone have made quite the comeback, and now furniture and special features made from these materials are fitting right into incredible landscaping success stories. 

If you want to add a special touch to your landscaping, perhaps you can pick a family-friendly project that everyone can be involved in, such as painting stones for a pathway, installing a porch swing or adding some decorations to a much-loved tree.

If you’re feeling excited and inspired by these cool landscaping trends, then it’s time to invest in professional landscaping in Cumming, GA. Get in touch with Stoeckig Landscape Group today to chat about your landscaping goals and all the possibilities to transform your yard into something really special.