How to Care for a Water Garden


Owning a water garden does not have to be difficult work. These backyard beauties may seem like a lot to maintain but it can be just as simple as taking care of a regular garden if you know the right steps to take. The major contributor to a clean and healthy water garden is how it is built. Once you have all of the basic components established, all that is left is minor upkeep. 

Clean Out Debris

Have a skimmer net ready because your water garden will end up with some sort of leaves, grass, or leftover foliage from your pond plants at some point. You’ll want to manage your water garden by removing any plants that have grown excessively as well so it doesn’t overrun the pond. Consider buying a garden net to cover your garden with during the fall to prevent leaves from piling up in it. 

Add Shade Plants

Warm water temperatures are better breeding ground for algae. If your water garden is in full sun, picking out shade plants to add to your water garden is one way of helping the pond regulate its temperature. A couple of options include water lilies, duckweed, or elephant ears. Keeping at least one-third of the surface shaded is ideal.

Leave the Water Alone

Many people may be tempted to completely change out the water when their water garden isn’t looking its best. This is not a good idea, especially for newly built water gardens, because the water needs time to balance its own ecosystem and changing out the water is only a temporary solution to something that can self-correct on its own.

Treat Algae Problems

Barley straw or pellets are a great way to treat any algae problems that may emerge. A buildup of algae is not only going to affect the oxygen levels of the water garden, therefore affecting plants and fish, it will also attract mosquitos to the water. Good filters and moving water like fountains or waterfalls are also good ways to prevent algae from growing and aerating the water. 

Maintain Pond Levels

Certain plants will only thrive at specific levels in the water. Take extra care when planting to make sure you’re not putting a plant in water that is more deep or shallow than what it needs. Incorporate a mix of both types and then check on the pond to make sure water levels are still sufficient.

Watch the Fish

Fish can be a fun addition to water gardens and are beautiful to watch swimming around in your backyard oasis. Keep in mind they can require extra maintenance time. Depending on the type of fish you want, you may need to adjust the environment of the water garden to accommodate their needs. Keep an eye on any signs of infections or parasites and remove any dead fish as soon as you find them. 

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