How to Clean Landscape Stone


If your landscaping uses rocks for aesthetic and practical benefits, you may notice these surfaces accumulating grime or mold. While clean landscape rocks add a lot to a property, dirty surfaces might make your design look shabbier and dampen curb appeal. If you’re wondering how to clean landscape stone without a power washer, you’re in luck—you don’t need a leaf blower or pressure washer to clean landscape rocks, and you don’t need to start replacing the rocks completely either.

Here are Stoeckig Landscape Group’s simple steps to clean rocks in your landscaping:

1. Buy a Piece of Mesh Hardware Cloth

By using a small screen, you can quickly remove stubborn weeds, dirt, and more. Start by buying a piece of mesh hardware cloth that will serve as a filter for the cleaning process. You can decide on the size that is best for your needs.

2. Build a Wooden Frame and Staple it to your Mesh Hardware Cloth

Next, buy or build a small wooden frame that will serve as the structure for your filter. Staple the edge of your mesh hardware cloth to the frame (and ensure the sides are securely attached).

3. Load Rocks on Top of Your Filter Frame

Use a shovel or bucket to move your landscaping rocks onto the filter frame. It is best to make sure there aren’t too many rocks loaded onto the frame at once (they should all have full contact with the screen).

4. Shake Your Screen

Next, shake the rocks using your filter screen. You should notice dirt and other debris falling through the screen. The process allows you to filter out unwanted twigs, grass, and trash while removing any large weeds and twigs manually that can’t slip through the screen.

5. Separate Clean Rocks from Your Other Landscaping Rocks

Once most of the dirt and debris has fallen away from your rocks through the screen, you will need to separate the clean rocks into a pile. Keeping these clean rocks separate so that the cleaning process will work quickly. Continue cleaning your landscaping rocks in stages until you are satisfied that you’ve covered your entire garden.

Cleaning Larger Rocks

While the above steps are a good idea for cleaning smaller rocks, a large landscape stone won’t fit onto a filter. Heavier rocks will need a power wash to remove long-lasting grime. You can also use a scrub brush with water from your garden hose, but you won’t need to bother with any dish soap or chemicals.

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If our steps on how to clean landscape stone seem tedious, you can always hire our professional landscaping company to handle the job for you. At Stoeckig Landscape Group, we can clean all types of landscaping rocks and surfaces with many years of experience. We’re always available to help our clients rejuvenate their landscapes, and that includes the rocks that hold it all together.

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