Landscape Ideas for Your Front Yard


The front yard is the most important part of a home’s exterior. It’s the part we first come across when we get home and the one that people notice when they visit or when they’re driving by. On that note, it should look its best at all times.

An expertly designed front yard landscape can transform a home’s overall aesthetic and leave the house with the best curb appeal in the neighborhood.

Thankfully, having a beautiful front yard isn’t expensive. The following are some of our favorite landscape design ideas for how to landscape front yards –

Start by Hiding Your AC Unit’s Exterior Component

Air conditioners are very important in keeping homeowners and their families comfortable. Unfortunately, the exterior unit can deface your front yard.

So, grab some wood and build a case around it. Go ahead and paint the case in colors that look good in the environment it’s in. Stick to the theme of your home.

Grow Some Bushes

Shrubs and trees make for a striking and expansive front yard landscaping. Go for something lush with a couple of pretty flowers. Nothing spices up a front yard like some pretty hydrangea bushes. They give the environment a great ambiance.

Their huge flowers also soften the appearance of bricks or any other walls while enhancing their beauty. They simply look exquisite in a front yard and stand out, even from a distance.

Consider Planting Some Rose Bushes

Roses are classy, elegant, and delicate. They are a suitable alternative to the hydrangea. They’re quite easy to grow and care for and only really need sunlight and water to thrive.

Other than looking good, they smell great! Rose bushes are a cost-effective way to introduce some character and color to your space.

Decorate the Front Porch with Some Colorful Bunting

You could incorporate some front porch buntings into your landscaping scheme to add some extra dimension to our home. It’s one of the best ways to enhance the curb appeal of our home.

The best part is that we can easily swap them out depending on the season. Everyone loves seasonal bunting. You can use it for spreading patriotism on days like the 4th of July and Labor Day. It’s simply a great way to add flavor to your porch.

Build a Stone Pathway in the Front Yard

This is a simple way to bring life into our home. Simply lay one that walks through the front yard and possibly weaves its way through the garden. Once that’s done, observe how it transforms an ordinary front yard into something akin to the pathway of a castle.

Lining the pathway once it’s laid out shouldn’t be overlooked. It doesn’t matter whether it’s made to look like greenery or some seasonal décor, framing a pathway is the icing on the cake.

There are a million ways to go about perfecting your front yard. It doesn’t even matter the look you’re going for, you can find a multitude of ways to transform your front yard into an aesthetically pleasing one.

If you need any help with bringing your front yard’s landscape design ideas to life or have more questions about how to landscape front yards, reach out to us at Stoeckig Landscape Group. Starting from visualization to installation, we’ll take you along every step of the way. Reach out to us here for more information or call 770-831-1790.