Landscaping Ideas for a Steep Hill


A steep hillside can be challenging to landscape properly. Maintenance is difficult as hills are tough to work on. Also, the possibility of erosion occurring is high here.

Despite the unfortunate reality of hilly landscapes, they’re absolutely beautiful. The hill helps to draw attention to a home’s features and once properly decorated, provides a magnificent view.

Does it boil down to a “you can’t have it all” scenario? Do you have to pick one or the other – a landscape that is beautiful but difficult to deal with or one that is less beautiful but easier to maintain?

Thankfully, you don’t have to make that choice. Today we’re discussing landscape design for steep hills. With the right plan and experts, you can make this work.

5 Ideas for How to Landscape a Steep Hill


1. Tackle the Slope in Sections

This is a great way to manage erosion, create windbreaks, and reduce runoffs. Choose the number of sections you want to divide your hill into. Think about the following factors when creating sections.

• Each one should be easy to navigate

• It should prevent dirt and rocks from sliding down the hill

• It should retain its ability to support plant life.

You can get creative here. Creating several tiers on a steep hill also provides ideal spots to layer different plants and other elements of decoration.

2. Build a Waterfall

Utilize the unique space on your steep hill to your advantage and create your own backyard water feature. You don’t have to break the bank to achieve this – you could create a simple waterfall that spills gracefully into a small pond. This adds a touch of beauty and style to your yard, transforming it into a private oasis.

An enhanced landscape improvement like waterfalls increases the value of your property and makes it stand out.

3. Make a Staircase or Pathway

Walking on a steep hill is challenging enough, especially for people with physical disabilities or health issues that make walking without assistance difficult.

Creating some steps or even just a pathway is a great way to make navigating through your hilly yard easier. The steps should have a relatively easy descent that’s suitable for people of all ages to walk on. It should lead straight to a flat surface.

Also, carving out a designated area for walking allows you to use the rest of your space for other purposes, such as gardening or keeps people from trampling your flowers accidentally.

Have fun with your landscape design. Use any material that you want like concrete or metal. You could also use natural materials such as stone or wood which complement the surroundings and add to the aesthetics.

4. Erect a Retaining Wall

A retaining wall doesn’t just add beauty to the environment, it’s also used for supporting soil on a slope that is prone to sliding.

These walls can correct problems brought about by steep hills such as soil erosion, all while creating aesthetic focal points in the landscape. They also create a space that can be used as a planting area along or behind the wall. Here’s an idea – a garden of colorful plants and flowers lined throughout the length of your retaining wall.

5. Plant Some Vegetable Beds

One more idea for how to landscape a steep hill: make use of the untouched piece of land on the hill that gets all that sunlight and plant some raised beds for vegetables.

Planting on a steep hill is a difficult task because erosions and runoffs flush soil and fertilizer downhill. However, using a raised bed for planting is the best strategy since they don’t have to be tilled as much and can also help to reduce the rate of erosion.

See? A steep hill for your landscape isn’t horrible after all. You just have to look past the obstacles, do some strategic planning, and let your creative side shine through.

If you’re ready to landscape a steep hill or any other yard project, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re ready to landscape a steep hill or any other yard project, we’ve got you covered. At Stoeckig Landscape Group, we can help you achieve the landscape of your dreams. We are experienced at coming up with a great design for your space and converting the landscape, including adding features like a fountain or a water garden.

Reach out to us at Stoeckig Landscape Group or call (770)-831-1790 for more information.