Patio Design & Installation in Alpharetta, GA

Stoeckig Landscape Group specializes in crafting a peaceful retreat in your Alpharetta, GA, backyard. Your backyard is an extension of your home, and you can enhance your surroundings with the help of our experts in landscape, hardscape, garden design, and patio design.

Stoeckig Landscape professionals are skilled at creating charming gardens, plush lawns and elaborate landscapes. We also create and design hardscapes to make every inch of your yard beautiful, usable space.

Whether you seek to create an outdoor living space or to simply beautify your yard, our landscape and hardscape specialists possess superior customer service skills. We don’t just want your yard to look like an oasis, we want you to walk away with a smile from the experience of designing and installing your backyard enhancements with us.

Hardscape Ideas in Alpharetta

While your home is a retreat from the outside world, the space around your home should be an escape into nature. Stoeckig’s experienced staff are experts in designing and installing a variety of stone landscaping in Alpharetta, including:

·         Walls

A beautiful stone or brick wall can offset landscaping or provide the perfect windbreak for an outdoor fire pit.

·         Stairs

Expertly designed outdoor stairs can blend or decorate your yard, creating an easy pathway down a slope, and creating the perfect spot for flower pots or other landscaping.

·         Waterfalls

The sound of rushing water can turn elevate your space from a simple backyard into a stunning resort where you can escape to commune with nature, gather your thoughts, or gather your friends. 

·         Patio Pavers

Perfectly placed and installed patio pavers create lovely walking trails without destroying your yard!

·         Natural Stone

Crafting many of these elements in natural stone creates a hardscape that beautifies your surroundings naturally.

Call Our Landscape Contractors

Stoeckig Landscape Group is a full service landscaping company specializing in residential and light commercial landscaping. Our designers and installers take great pride in our work, sweating every detail so your patio design or garden design in Alpharetta is the envy of your neighbors and exactly what you envisioned.

Much of our business is due to referrals from our previous and current customers, so we work hard to ensure that every homeowner and business owner is pleased with the final results. We want you to recommend our services to your friends and family!

Call us today to schedule an appointment and let our landscape designers begin the process of creating your backyard oasis.