Maintaining Your Stone Landscaping


It doesn’t matter what kind of landscape you have; it will require maintenance of some sort. Many homeowners are meticulous about ensuring that their lawn is constantly trimmed, while others may focus more on maintaining their gardens. Stone landscaping is also essential to consider, as well.

Some might be interested in stone landscaping because it allows a place for their children to play. Other homeowners might be interested in carving out a more serene area of their home to sit and reflect, while others may want to impress friends, guests, and neighbors.

There are many different aspects to landscape maintenance, and it’s important to remember that care is critical if you want your landscape to be as beautiful as possible. Here is some additional information regarding stone landscaping and how to maintain it properly.

Choosing Stones

 There’s another important part of stone landscaping. Some rocks might make sense for your home, but there’s always a chance to update the rocks that you choose for your landscape. The rocks that you choose can help set the tone for other parts of your home or garden.

Stones can last for a while, so there’s nothing wrong with switching up rocks every once in a while. Some rocks are “warmer” than others, while other stones might help to set a theme of some kind. Either way, landscape maintenance requires choosing the right stones for their primary purpose.

Cleaning the Stones

Of course, stone landscaping involves cleaning your rocks from time to time. Many homeowners choose to clean these rocks once every few years, but it might be smarter to do so annually. First, homeowners should purchase or borrow a leaf blower to get as much dust and debris off the rocks as possible.

Dig down below the rocks to check if there’s sheeting or landscape fabric. If neither is under the rocks, a heavy wash could cause root rot. Once either sheeting or landscape fabric is in place, landscape maintenance can continue by hosing off all the stones.

Shovel the rocks into either a wheelbarrow or bucket, depending on the size. Then, fill the rock containers with water. If more vigorous stone landscaping is required, consider adding one part of household bleach to two parts water.

Design Choices

Some homeowners find that they stumble across some incredible stone landscaping ideas that genuinely speak to them. For example, you may suddenly appreciate the minimalism of an Asian garden and hope to replicate that kind of elegance in your home. You may also want to stack stones on top of each other and create a “fairy ring.”

You may even want to think about stone landscaping as only one part of the equation. Some homeowners might choose to create “vignettes” – that involve stones, plants, grasses, other potted plants, and more. Of course, this will require more landscape maintenance than other options.

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