Mulch Vs. Stone in Landscaping


You are all done planting new flowers, shrubs, and plants in your garden – what next? It’s time to fine-tune your garden by adding the mulch layer. But wait, is mulch enough, and is it even necessary? Can’t one just replace the mulch layer with stones? That’s exactly what we are going to discuss today.

In today’s showdown of mulch vs stone, we will cover the pros and cons of mulch and stone in a garden. Our face-off of stone vs mulch in landscaping will help you identify what’s ideal for your garden, mulch or stone. So, without further ado, let’s get started.


Pros and Cons of Mulch


Growth Advantage

According to a study, mulch doubles up the growth rate of plants and trees. You can see your new plants grow in a matter of days.

Less Watering

Since mulch acts as a barrier, it reduces the water evaporation rate. As a result, you get to save both time and water use by needing to water the garden less often.

Controls Weed Spread

Mulch, especially organic mulch, decreases the rate of weed seeds sprouting. As it acts as a sunlight barrier, weed germination in your garden can decrease up to 70 percent.

Provides Optimum Temperature

Both in winters and summers, the mulch layer provides the optimum temperature to the plants, trees, and flowers in your garden.

In the face-off of stone vs mulch in landscaping, let’s look to the drawbacks of mulch, then explore the role of stone in gardening.



Stresses Out Plants and Trees

Two to three layers of mulch stress out the plants and trees in your garden and stops them from getting enough sunlight and other minerals.

Early Mulching Causes Late Blooms

If you mulch your garden too early, it can cause your flowers and plants to bloom later than usual.

It’s time to learn the pros and cons of stone in landscaping. Which will come out on top in the battle of stone vs mulch in landscaping?


Pros and Cons of Rocks


Low Cost and Maintenance

Landscaping your garden with rocks is a low cost and maintenance procedure. As it’s a one-time investment, you will never have to replace the rocks.


Unlike mulch, stones can’t catch fire. If there’s a fire emergency near your garden, the rocks will not work as a catalyst.

Prevent Soil Erosion

Rocks are heavy. And thus, they can easily prevent soil erosion in areas where there’s a chance of high winds.

Weed Protection

Rocks keep the weeds far away from the garden. They work as a weed-deflector to make sure your garden is safe from the weed hectic.



No Extra Benefits to Garden

Rocks don’t provide any extra benefits to your garden. Unlike mulches, rocks don’t aid the soil or play a vital nutritional role in plant, flower, or tree growth.

Spread Alkalinity

Rock can create and spread alkalinity. An alkaline environment can undoubtedly hurt the trees and plants around it.

That’s a wrap. After going through the tough competition of stone vs mulch in landscaping, what will you choose? Compare the pros and cons of mulch and stone to finalize your decision.

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