Preventing Weeds in New Landscaping


Beautifully manicured landscaping is a homeowner’s dream. But when weeds begin to sprout, this dream can turn into a nightmare. We all can agree that weeds are a nuisance. Between their unsightly appearance and the time it takes to get rid of them, no homeowner wants to deal with weeds.

While you can’t totally prevent weeds from showing up, there are a few ways you can limit them. Today, we will discuss how you can stop weeds from ruining your landscaping.

How to Limit Weeds

Preventing weeds can be an arduous task, but it’s not impossible. Here are techniques that will keep your landscaping weed-free:

Don’t Disturb the Soil
Try not to cultivate the soil too often. Cultivating too much will cause the weeds seeds to come to the surface of the soil and germinate. If you do choose to cultivate, it’s best to do it when the soil is damp. Not only is this easier but it reduces the chances of bringing weed seeds to the surface.

Apply Mulch
Weeds need sunlight and warm soil to grow. Mulch serves as a barrier and prevents weed seeds from sprouting. They also cool the soil and help retain moisture. Either organic or synthetic mulches will work fine. For best results, put down a two to three-inch layer of mulch.

Use a Fertilizer With Weed Control
A well-fertilized lawn has fewer weed seeds. So, keeping your landscaping fertilized is essential for limiting weeds. If you can, use a chemical fertilizer with a weed preventer.

How to Get Rid of Weeds

 Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, weeds still pop up. Here are some techniques for effectively getting rid of weeds:

Remove Them With a Gardening Tool
At the first sight of weeds, it can be tempting to pull them by hand. But this isn’t always the most effective approach.

The reason being is that it often doesn’t remove the root. Not only that but removing weeds by hand can be exhausting. Using a gardening tool to remove weeds ensures that the roots are eradicated. For shallow-rooted weeds, you can use a garden hoe. For deeper roots, use a winged weeder.

Use a Weed Killer
Although this method isn’t the most environment-friendly, it does a great job of getting rid of the weeds. After spraying, the weeds will die, and you can then remove them by hand. While a weed killer makes removing weeds easier, it can be a tricky task to carry out. If not sprayed sufficiently, the weed may not die.

Also, chemical weed remover could kill unwanted plants. This is why it’s recommended to consult with a gardening professional before using a weed killer.

Manage Weeds with Stoeckig Landscape Group

Keeping weeds at bay doesn’t have to be difficult. Let us spot and reduce weeds in your landscaping. We’ll ensure that your lawn or backyard remains lush and picturesque. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.