Reasons to Design a Water-Efficient Landscape


Your landscaping affects the value of your home. When you have large areas of grass that isn’t native to your area, you’ll end up spending a lot of money on your water bill just to keep it green. In some areas, watering the yard can account for half of the home’s water usage and bill. Water-efficient landscaping improves your property value through increasing its curb appeal. It also increases the amount of time and water it takes to maintain your yard. And, you don’t have to sacrifice beauty when you go for water efficiency.

Save Money

A water-efficient landscape uses plants that are adapted to the local climate. In most cases, you won’t even need to water the plants because they’re use to local rainfall amounts and can survive when there is less rain. This will effectively lower your water bill and save you money! You will also save money on chemicals, composting, and weed control. Most water-efficient gardens don’t need these because the native plant life is able to survive with the conditions as they are.

Save Time

In today’s busy world, saving time is important. Maintaining your yard can be a time-consuming activity, especially if you have plants that aren’t suited to your climate. With water-efficient landscaping, you won’t need to do as much garden work. The plants will be used to your soil’s condition and nutrients. That way you can enjoy the way your garden looks without having to work so hard at it. You may even be able to save time by using elements that require very little care, like rock and brick, to fill in areas that currently have plants.

Save Local Wildlife and Birds

Local plants attract local wildlife, butterflies, and birds. Your landscape can function as a natural habitat for your animal and bird friends. Caring for the biodiversity of your area is one of the best things you can do for the environment. A water-efficient landscape can help you.

Improve Property Value

If your home looks beautiful when you put it on the market, it will sell quickly and for the price you want. Great landscaping is the first thing people see when they come to look at your home. 

However, the best part about your water-efficient landscaping is that it gives you another selling point for your home. When prospective buyers know that they have a beautiful yard that doesn’t cost a lot to maintain, they will be more likely to purchase the house.

Native plants are beautiful and easy to take care of. When you take advantage of the plants that have adapted to your climate and area, you’ll find that your yard maintains its beauty longer than other yards. The best part is that your yard will look great and be a place where you want to spend time. Hire the right landscaper, and you can even create a water garden that doesn’t sacrifice your water efficiency. When you have a water garden in Johns Creek, your yard becomes a place of calm where you can relax. Contact Stoeckig Landscape Group to find out how you can get the best of both worlds with water- efficient landscaping that includes water features for peace and harmony in your yard.