Reasons You Should Hire a Professional Landscape Designer


If you’re doing any landscaping in Suwanee, there’s a lot of planning involved. First you have to get an idea of what you want, and then you need to take into account the land you’re working with and Georgia’s humid climate to decide what options are practical for you. One of the best ways to bypass some landscaping hurdles is to hire a professional designer to help you out.


Hiring a designer doesn’t mean sacrificing your vision for your yard to someone else’s. A good designer will work with you to help you figure out how you can practically include certain plants, features, or layouts that you want. He or she can suggest avenues that you might not have known were options. He or she also can help prevent you from making any mistakes that could damage your property, like planting trees to close to a house where the roots could damage your basement walls. Their job is to make your vision a reality in a way that will last.


Problems inevitably arise with most big projects when landscaping in Suwanee. For instance, you might dig into a water line that hadn’t been marked on your plans. A landscape designer has probably dealt with more yard-related crises or even minor hiccups than you have. They can help you solve the problem and get back on track as soon as possible so that you can make your yard the best it can be.


When you’re planning out your landscape design in Suwanee, GA, it’s important to have a budget. Unfortunately, most people don’t have a very clear idea of what certain elements are going to cost. They might spend too much one feature, like a fountain, and then not have enough left over for something else that they wanted. A designer has seen these features before and can help you budget to account for as much as possible.

Saving Time

When you start a new project, such as planting a new flower bed, you might not realize how much you have to measure, or you might bring back the tools and seeds for bushes and flowers but forget to put down weed block before putting in mulch. When things like this happen, that could mean a lot of measuring and remeasuring, undoing things that you did, and running back and forth to the store for more supplies. A professional landscape designer can tell you what you need to know and what you need to get to minimize the amount of backtracking you have to do.

Hiring Contractors

Another great thing about landscape contractors in Suwanee is that, since they’ve spent time in this business, they know other people in the area who can be helpful. If you have a project in mind outside of the landscaper’s scope, like building a new deck, Suwanee, GA, landscape designers can recommend the best local companies to get the job done right. They can even reach out to those people on your behalf and make all the arrangements, which will do more to save you time and hassle as you work through the project.

When you’re ready to being your landscaping design in Suwanee, GA, contact the experts at Stoeckig Landscape Group to help make your dream yard a reality.