Residential Landscape Design Essentials


Putting together a landscape that will be fun, enjoyable, and hopefully wow your neighbors, can seem like a daunting undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be. Keeping in mind residential landscape design essentials can help you put together a feasible and fantastic landscape design that is sure to be as impressive as it is lovely.

Draw the Design

Simply putting together a layout isn’t enough. Your design has to make sense in both form and function. Straight lines can be used in order to establish order and delineate certain boundaries, while curved lines are better used to direct movement for transitioning from one area or feature to the next. Drawing all of this out in detail will help you to visualize the final product, while walking the area will help give you a better sense of the fluidity and practical feasibility of the design.

Consistency and repetition are both key to making an intuitively obvious and easily navigated landscape. Don’t forget that symmetry is your friend. Although it might be tempting to piece together something more dramatic or unexpected, it’s important to remember that a residential landscape is meant to be lived in, enjoyed, and used by people on a daily basis. The charm of the bizarre and surprising will often quickly wear off, and you may be left with a difficult-to-traverse landscape that’s visually stunning but, for all practicable purposes, thoroughly bothersome.

Design for People

This should be somewhat obvious, but it’s important to keep in mind. Textures, colors, and angles can be made to be both eye-catching and practical, with anything not meant to be touched or directly experienced kept a bit out of reach. Remember that while severe slopes or other features can be visually impressive, they can also be hazardous. Just as with interior design, open areas can make a smaller space feel bigger and more inviting, so your use of space and dimensions will play a big part in how the landscape is appreciated.

Perhaps that’s the most important essential element to keep in mind. Every landscape design in Alpharetta, GA, is meant to be experienced. Be sure to make it walkable, enjoyable, and as intuitive as possible. In the end, it’s the engagement that people will remember, not just the appearance.