Signs Your Property Needs Landscape Maintenance


Most people maintain their lawns and other landscaping features on a daily basis without much difficulty. But sometimes, even the best DIY landscaper needs a little help. Certain problems can get out of hand or simply be beyond your ability to handle on your own. If you feel like your landscaping is getting a little unruly and you just can’t keep it looking as nice as you’d like, keep reading. This blog will give you a few key signs that your property is in need of some professional landscaping in Johns Creek.

Patchy, Brown Grass

A lush, green lawn is often the one must-have of a suburban home. If your grass has started getting brown patches and you can’t seem to figure out why, a professional landscaper may be just what you need. Contrary to popular belief, insufficient water isn’t the only reason that a lawn can turn brown. So, turning your sprinklers on more frequently won’t necessarily fix the issue and will just drive up your water bill. Certain diseases and even grubs and other pests that feed on the roots of your grass can cause your lawn to start dying. A landscaper can take a look at your lawn and determine the cause of your dying grass, then help you to get it back to its beautiful, green state.

Not Recovering from Winter

Winters may not be the harshest here in Georgia, but they do still take a toll on your yard. If you have to salt your sidewalks or driveway at any point, that salt can spread onto your landscaping when the ice or snow melts, causing damage to plants’ root systems and sapping their moisture. If you have dead leaves on your lawn when an unexpected snowfall hits, this can leave large, dead patches. Cold winter winds can also draw moisture out of stems and leaves, causing damage to plants at the cellular level and leaving them looking brown and unkempt. If your yard is struggling to recover from a particularly harsh winter, some professional TLC just might do the trick to get it looking fresh and alive once again.

You Just Can’t Keep Up

We all have our limits. One person can only do so much yard maintenance on their own while still working a job, tending to indoor home maintenance, taking care of their families, and the long list of other responsibilities they may have. If you just have too much yard to maintain on your own, it may be worth scheduling some regular landscaping. Even having a professional come out once a week for a couple of hours can make an enormous difference to your yard’s appearance.

You’ve Had Complaints

Nobody wants to be told that their yard isn’t up to snuff, and it can be an uncomfortable conversation when someone feels the need to tell you that your home’s lawn has become the eyesore on the block. If you’ve had complaints—or if you’ve received a citation from your HOA for your yard’s appearance—then it’s definitely time to take action and get some landscaping services.

If any of these signs are true of your yard, contact Stoeckig Landscape Group. We are expert landscape contractors in Johns Creek, and we can provide the services you need to get your yard looking beautiful once again. Call now!