Summer Hardscaping Ideas for Front Yard


There are lots of reasons to consider a hardscape in your front yard. If you live in a hot, arid climate, then choosing drought friendly features and landscaping elements can be extremely helpful. If you’re at all worried about how a hardscape will make your property look, consider some of these awesome hardscape ideas in Cumming to incorporate in your property.

Match Your Home

Whenever you’re using pavers or tiles in your hardscape, you can create a better visual flow from house to the landscape by matching the tiles used in your hardscape to your home. For instance, southwestern style terra cotta roofing tiles can be pulled into and used in your hardscape to pull the elements together and make it look cleaner.

Create an Outdoor Getaway

Perhaps you’ve been on a property at someone’s home or while you’ve been on vacation where you seem to go through a gate and enter a luxurious oasis. Having a hardscape that consists of pavers or tiles with round beds of drought resistant flowers and a shimmering swimming pool can be a great way to create the yard oasis of your dreams.

Produce an Outdoor Living Space

One of the best ways to create a useful yard that is both functional and gorgeous is to create an outdoor space that serves as an extension of the indoor space. Put in a fireplace outdoors and place outdoor couches and seating around it. Add an outdoor kitchen with a dining table and chairs. This way, you’re maximizing the square footage indoors and out.

Put in Pathways

Years ago, the home’s garden was a place where people meandered and took time to be on their own, out with nature. This isn’t done nearly enough anymore. Encourage people to roam the grounds with pathways that encourage movement and exploration. Put in seating and fountains to add interest and promote those rare quiet moments of reflection and meditation.

Work with What You Have

If you have existing plants, wildflowers, or trees on your property, you may feel tempted to pull them out or remove them in place of something else. Why not just work with what you already have? These elements will make your property look more natural and may require less maintenance.

Choosing a hardscape on your property can enhance your curb appeal and make your property more water conscious. In areas that are prone to drought, having hardscaping can actually boost your home’s resale value and give you even more benefit in terms of cost savings and more. For a fantastic patio hardscape in Cumming, get in touch with a professional landscaping company today.