Top 8 Reasons to Choose a Paver Driveway


If you’re looking for the best material to build a long-lasting, great-looking home driveway, consider pavers. These concrete, brick-shaped materials are ideal for all kinds of outdoor projects. In fact, installing a paver patio in Suwanee is a popular project for 2020. However, they’re also ideal for use as driveways. Read on to learn why you should choose to install a paver driveway.


Driveway design should focus on durability and strength, not just looks. Pavers are long-lasting surfaces that can withstand the weight of outdoor appliances, lawn equipment, vehicles, and so much more. They’re hard and dense without being too heavy, which makes for a solid foundation of your driveway. Unlike ordinary concrete, bricks, or ceramic tiles, pavers won’t chip or crack under pressure. So, even your largest vehicles and trailers can sit on your paver driveway.

High Value

Pavers add tremendous value to your home. They boost curb appeal and give your home a unique look, both factors that can increase your home value. You’ll get the most value from your new driveway if you work with a driveway and patio design professional.

Easy Maintenance

A paver driveway is so easy to maintain. While a poured concrete driveway consists of 1 to 4 flat panels on average and masonry must be glued in place with mortar, pavers are simply dropped into place. So, if anything should happen to your driveway, such as oil stains, a crack, or a broken paver, it’s easy to slip the paver out and replace it with a brand-new one.

No Spalling

Spalling is a type of damage that occurs on most driveway materials, especially poured concrete. Excess moisture causes a patchy look that can make your driveway look old and decrepit. However, spalling isn’t a problem for pavers because concrete patio pavers are moisture resistant.

Great Price

Patio pavers are inexpensive to produce, so they’re always available at a great price. Even better, you save money because paver surface installation is fast and easy. Saving on materials and installation work means you get a long-lasting, high-quality driveway at an unbeatable price.

Style Options

Patio pavers are available in many different colors and styles, so you can install a truly customized home driveway. Choose pavers that have an authentic masonry look or go modern with a paver driveway in a sleek, stony appearance. Pavers can look like finished concrete or ceramic tiles too. Whatever kind of driveway you have in mind, patio pavers can help you achieve the look you want.

Resist the Elements

Patio pavers are designed to weather any harsh outdoor treatment. This is incredibly important when building a driveway. Choose a material like patio pavers for their resistance to rain, wind, dirt and other debris, sunlight, and temperature fluctuations.

Fast Installation

Finally, it’s easy to see why people choose patio pavers because they’re so fast and easy to install! There are no cure times, set times, or other delays. Just drop your pavers into place, add gravel or other grout effects, and you’re all set! Your driveway is ready to be used.

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