Trends in Water Features


During the pandemic, many people have found themselves at home with more time on their hands. How about installing a backyard water feature? This addition is not only particularly beautiful, but incredibly relaxing as well (which is something we can all use during these stressful times). Any sort of water feature will also have the added effect of bringing beneficial wildlife to your garden, such as birds and small creatures. So read on – we’ve definitely got some inspiration for you!

A Fountain

Starting with the basics, fountains come in all shapes and sizes so dimensional constraints will not be an issue. Fountains are pleasing and relaxing to the senses while not being overpowering. Of course, not all fountains are created equal. Some can look like a mythical beast or even a geometrical shape. These fountains add a sense of what they look like to the backyard – be it whimsy, structure, or fun.

A Pond

Ponds are quieter still than fountains and can be shaped in any manner. They can be in one area or border your garden. They elevate the sense of peace in the space and are also a source of entertainment if fish are added. Ponds can also be, when larger, a delightful water garden. With a selection of plants and animals such as fish and turtles, you will have a truly wonderful outdoor water feature.

Falling Steps (into a pool)

Homeowners with land that leans toward the difficult side will find this design helpful. Rather than levelling out your terrain, we suggest using it to your advantage! Building step-like features into the slopes of your property will add a unique touch to the surroundings and allow for a waterfall. This has the added benefit of the possibility of stairs, which can be covered with flowers or even other water features, and for the water to fall into a beautiful pool at the bottom.

Water Bubbles/Globes

A truly contemporary backyard water feature is the water bubble. While their size can vary, they generally take up a lot of space. These bubbles are unexpected and perfect if you love something that is flowing, tranquil, but also a little more unique. Bigger bubbles can add height to a space, while a smaller bubble with be an adorable, surprising touch to the plants growing in your backyard.

Water Pad

The water pad is another contemporary outdoor water feature, and it is a neat one too. The source of the water they produce is hidden and so is where it disappears to. It makes for a whimsical and interesting feature.

A Dual-Purpose Feature

Some possibilities include a pond that is also a hot tub – a waterfall would be a lovely addition to this – and a bowl-like fountain that is also a sink. This type of water feature allows you to be even more creative while getting more bang for your buck (and space!).

While backyard water features are peaceful, beautiful, and beneficial to your garden, the number of factors that contribute to figuring out what’s exactly right for your backyard is higher than you think. If you’d like the best care your garden can get, we here at Stoeckig Landscape Group are happy to help you. We know what’s best for your beautiful backyard and any water features you’d like to install. Contact us now to find out how we can realize your backyard dreams together.