Types of Landscaping Stone

When it comes to the types of landscaping stone for a homeowner to choose from, there are a plethora of available options, each with its own benefits and technicalities.

While it’s not a complete list of all the options, here are some of the most commonly used landscaping stone types:

  • Walkways, patio, and pool stones
  • Garden path stones
  • Wall stones
  • Stair treads
  • Natural stone steps
  • Landscaping boulders
  • Moss rock
  • Decorative gravel
  • Placement rocks
  • Water spill rocks

In this article, we will guide you through three types of landscaping stones, what features they look good with, and how they can be used in a homeowner’s landscaping. Let’s get started.

Garden Path Stones

This is the landscaping stone type that is used to make a walkable pathway through different surfaces such as, grass, gravel, sand, or even mulch. Garden stones are reasonably flat on the top giving an appropriate surface to step on. They allow for a firm step even when it is raining.

Garden path stones look extremely good on grass, with grass as a filler between individual rocks. They provide a safe walkable path even in the rainy season when the grass is wet and slippery. They are the perfect landscaping stones if you have a large grass lawn or backyard. They also give a natural and classic look to a garden space to which they’re added. They are perfect for the pathways on grass, which are their most popular application.

Landscaping Boulders

This landscaping stone type has subtypes of its own, including moss rock boulders, Indian hill boulders, PA colonial boulders, glacier boulders, and river boulders. These landscaping stones usually are large pieces of stone that come directly from a quarry with little or no processing. They work exceptionally well and look great in large garden space with different elevation levels. They come in a large variety of sizes, ranging from a size that is movable by a single person to sizes that required professional equipment to move.

Landscaping boulders fit well in rock gardens, near large rock walls, along retaining walls, and close to sculptures. They can even be used to hold back the grade of a small exotic waterfall.

Decorative Landscape Gravel

Decorative landscape gravel is a landscaping stone type that is the perfect replacement for mulch in finishing off planting beds. Decorative gravel, understandably, does not decompose and will last a lifetime. They also do not affect the fertility or quality of the soil around them. Decorative landscaping gravel can be used as patio stones, walkways, driveway stone, inside stream beds, in water gardens, and can even be used as a decorative topdressing for drainage areas. They are also commonly used as a replacement for wood-based mulch and act as the perfect replacement with none of the drawbacks of wood-based mulch.

Decorative landscaping stone comes in a wide variety of sizes and textures. It is easy to pick one that will go perfectly with the tones of your garden.