What Is a Water Garden?

Water Garden


The ancient Romans understood the value of water as a design feature. An open-air atrium with a stunning water garden occupied pride of place in fashionable homes. The Romans appreciated the tinkle of water across stone and the lively effect of fish darting between plants.

We may have mostly done away with the open-air atrium, but water is still a popular design feature. In this post, we answer the question, “What is a water garden?” and discuss the pros and cons of having one.


What Is a Water Garden?

The term can refer to anything from a splashing fountain to a stately lake. A water garden is a living ecosystem that attracts various forms of wildlife. This focal point takes on a life of its own and rewards the homeowner with an ever-changing vista of birds and other visitors.



A Unique Feature

No two gardens are ever the same. One homeowner may select a showpiece combining modern statues and contemporary design. Others may choose something more in tune with the natural surroundings.

Each design is fully customizable.

It’s a Living Feature

You may choose a fishpond and watch as the fish grow. With or without aquatic wildlife, the water will prove popular with birds in the area. On a hot summer’s day, you’ll be able to watch various birds bathing to cool off.

The pond can support the conservation of the natural ecosystem in the area.

Design it to Fit Your Space

Even small gardens have room for some type of water feature. You may use the vertical space to full effect by installing streaming water. Whether it’s a small trickle or sheet, it catches the light and creates movement and interest.

It is Soothing

There’s nothing quite like the interplay of fish frolicking, birds singing, and the soft tinkle of water to help you relax.

An Educational Opportunity

Your children will have fun watching the plants grow and learning about the animals that live in or visit the pond.




As long as you get the balance right, this ecosystem largely takes care of itself. However, it isn’t maintenance-free. You’ll need to guard against the growth of algae and regularly clear out debris.

You Must Exercise Care with Chemicals

Any fertilizer or weed killer you use in your main garden may filter into the water. It might kill the fish or lead to an overgrowth of algae. Therefore, ensuring the surrounding area receives the right balance of nutrients becomes more difficult.

You May Get Some Undesirable Visitors

You must take precautions against raccoons and other pests that may also like to visit the pond. The water may also attract noisy visitors such as frogs.


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