What is Landscape Edging?


Many homeowners take pride in their garden. For some, it’s all about the aesthetics. For others, it’s the feeling of doing something good for the environment. Taking care of a garden can be pleasing and relaxing.

Your lawn is an essential part of your home, so you might want special edging around your gardens to emphasize organization, demarcate garden plants, and protect them from your mowing and other lawncare.

Landscape edging organizes your garden in the best way possible. Here’s what you need to know to cover “what is landscape edging”.


Landscape Edging

Landscape edging gives you the opportunity of having an organized, sectioned garden. It enables you to differentiate garden features and create a pattern of landscape design.

The intent is for your garden to contain a variety of areas with different purposes, such as a corner for flower plants, another for vegetables, and an area for your hedges.

It also serves practically by holding mulch. It defines the lines of plant beds, flower borders, trees, and more.


Types of Landscape Edging

Creativity is welcomed here, so various types of edging exist including –

Metal Lawn Edging

Considering the strength of metal, it’s no surprise why people go for this material. Metal lawn edging is used because it’s durable and can be used for aesthetic purposes. It stretches as far as you can bend it. It’s relatively easy to pin to the ground and appears in a variety of shades and colors.

Plastic Lawn Edging

Plastic strips are very flexible and affordable. It stretches easily and can bend into a variety of shapes.  Different designs can be on them, such as brick-patterned lawn edging. Fixing it to the side of the lawn is quick as well, requiring only simple pinning.

Wood Lawn Edging

Wood edging is economical and easy to fit in your lawn. With varieties of woods such as cedar, bamboo, and redwood, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to your choice of wood edging.

Brick/Stone Lawn Edging

Brick edging is relative to metal edging in terms of strength. It’s even easier to align and fasten with concrete. It’s can survive turbulent weather and adapts to the lawn well.

Brick edging creates an aesthetic that is classic and traditional, while stone creates a rustic and natural feel.


Uses of Landscape Edging

Landscape edging is useful for both residential and commercial buildings. Beyond the aesthetic appeal, it’s useful for the following reasons –


Couch grasses and invading weeds can quickly disturb closely connected gardens and lawns. Landscape edging makes for clear-cut bordering to keep out those invading weeds.


Edging outlines the difference between garden accents and lawn spaces. Several features in your natural space can be highlighted through edging.


This is an excellent use for landscape edging. It can ‘dress up’ your pathway to create a tidy, finished look, as well as help keep loose materials in place.


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