Reasons to Consider a Gazebo or Pergola

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An outdoor Gazebo or Pergola can add to the aesthetic of your house and enhance its beauty. They can even add as much as 14% to the value of your home. If you have plans on spending time in your yard or arranging an outdoor family gathering, then you should consider getting a permanent structure that provides coverage and dedicated space for such purposes.

Before we get into the difference between a gazebo and pergola is, along with style ideas, let’s take a look at some reasons why you should consider getting a gazebo or pergola in your yard.

  • Create a Defined Space: You will get a dedicated and visually pleasing area in your yard that you can use as a dining area or an entertainment lounge. It all depends on how you want to utilize the space. And the fact that the structure adds to the visual aesthetics of your house, makes it even more useful.
  • Perfect for Entertainment: Apart from functioning as your backyard dining room, they can also be used for entertainment purposes like family board game nights or just to chit chat with friends and enjoy the fresh air. Gathering and mingling with people in an open environment are easy and relaxing as well. An outdoor gazebo or pergola can be a perfect place for that.
  • Add Aesthetic Value: Not only are these structures useful for so many home events, but they also add so much to the visual beauty of your house that many people consider getting a gazebo or pergola for the sake of enhancing their home’s aesthetic value.
  • Privacy: If you don’t like the idea of being under the open sky while enjoying your outdoor time then these structures provide you with shade as well as some privacy to enjoy your fresh air. Although these are open structures you can add privacy by introducing custom drapes or latticework on the sides, which will also impact the décor.

Difference Between a Gazebo and Pergola

An outdoor gazebo is a round or square-shaped structure with a closed roof and surface. They are usually open on the sides, but walls and a door can also be added. They are decorative and usually have a detailed style. An outdoor gazebo is a perfect place for outdoor gatherings or dining. Depending on the size of the gazebo, it can also be used for an outdoor performance.

A pergola is used to define a specific area in the landscape design. They are rectangular most of the time with wooden support beams on the roof and crossbeams on the sides. The roof can be left open or covered with a fabric or have vines growing out of it. It all depends on your taste. Pergolas can be used for small gatherings but since they do not provide much protection from wind or rain, they may not be able to use for events like meals.