Top Patio Designs for Small Backyards

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You may think that you can’t do much with a small backyard in terms of design, but there are a surprising number of options that can be put together in a rather small space. As long as you keep some basic design guidelines in mind, and you’re willing to adjust the scale, you’ll have a number of different options available for your patio. Don’t underestimate the benefits of a patio hardscape in Cumming. Flag stone and other materials can easily be integrated into a patio design, and they can give you a lot of options in terms of both style and patio construction. Continue reading to learn more about top patio designs for small backyards. You can craft an elegant and lovely patio with minimal fuss, even in a limited space.

The Gazebo Approach

While you might not have the space to build a full gazebo, you can still adapt some of those ideas into your area. Small benches, hanging vines, potted plants, and even a small roof extension or overhang can all be used to give the area the feel of a gazebo. Of course, you won’t have to set aside the square footage that you would need in order to build a full-sized model in your backyard. Smaller patio areas can still adopt much of the character, even if you’re limited by the room. The unfinished wood look can also be used if you want something a bit more rustic.

You can also play with shapes even on a more limited scale. If you can’t manage the roundness that you’d want with a gazebo, you can still use an octagonal or hexagonal layout to imitate that effect. You can accomplish this with the way that you arrange seating, planters, and even adjust outdoor lamps or torches to create the visual impact of a more circular area. Playing with perspective can be both fun and effective.

Garden to Scale

It can be tempting to go wild with plants, especially if you’re someone with a true green thumb. In a limited space, flowering plants should probably be kept to a minor presence. While they can be lovely to look at, during pollen season you may discover that they become a bit overwhelming. While a full-scale garden wall might not be possible, you can still use a scaled-down version to have a similar look and feel. You can also use vertical growing to save on space. Hanging plants allow a lot of options for placement, so you can set aside room for guests, while also accommodating your vegetation. Even fountains can be kept to a more manageable size. This is an instance when a hardscape design can be really beneficial. You can use stones to partition particular locations for plants, while also designating space for guests, fountains, or other features.

Fire and Comfort

A fire pit can be a lot of fun. Whether you want it for the ambiance or you plan to do a lot of cooking outdoors, a wood-burning pit can be a great option. You can do a more modern design with metal and glass, or you can go old world with stonework. Either way, you can manage to make a very visually appealing area that also serves a practical purpose. Whether you like the option to relax outside even when the weather is cool or you want to show off your skills with barbecue, you can get a lot of enjoyment out of a fire pit. In fact, there are many different patio designs in Cumming, GA, that can be molded around the fire pit as a central element.